Sunday, March 23, 2008

McLaughlin & His Guests Give Hillary Even or Better Odds

No surrender...

There's gotta be a reason why this Sunday on "The McLaughlin Group," media pundits gave Sen. Hillary Clinton even or better odds to win -- not only the Democratic nomination -- but the general election as well.

It seems so absolutely insane for Sen. Barack Obama supporters to call on Hillary to suspend her candidacy for the good of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Congressman/ Ambassador/ Secretary/ Governor/ Would-be President/ Vice President Richardson, you're kidding, right...?

Jerome Armstrong of MyDD makes a very strong case why this is about the most un-Democratic ranting by any Democrat to date.

While Obama supporters remain extremely worried about Clinton's chances of winning, and her state of campaign finaces, I can't help but recognize that the call to shut down the nomination battle before all the votes are counted, hopefully a position held by a vocal minority, is unfortunately reminiscent of the Bush supporters mantra against Gore in Dec of 2000.
Like Mr. Armstrong, Howling Latina likes Hillary's chances in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Oregon, Kentucky and Puerto Rico.

Indeed, it certainly looks like Hillary is going to have the kind of run that Obama had in February next month and the next.

Geez, come to think about it, maybe that's why so many people are refusing to drink the Obama-rade and give scrappy Hillary more than a fighting chance to win it ALL.

Update: H/L still waiting for link to transcript...and here it is.

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