Friday, March 28, 2008

Feingold Tells Obamaphiles to 'Cool It'

In spite of Obamaphiles claiming that Sen. Hillary Clinton is a malevolent scheming bitch who secretly plots for hours on end to cheat and claw her way into superdelegates hearts and steal a Democratic presidential nomination that rightfully belongs to the Chosen One, one superdelegate ain't buying it.

And this wise superdelegate is someone whom Howling Latina deeply respects. In fact, he's the one she prayed and hoped would would run for president so she could vote for him.

"I'll tell some of the (Barack) Obama supporters here today: Cool it," Feingold, D-Middleton, said Wednesday to a group of about 50 people at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County. "Take it a little easy."
Wausau Daily Herald reports that Feingold mostly "aimed his censure at Obama supporters" by courageously reminding them that Clinton is not the enemy, she's a Democrat, for crying out loud.

For the record, Feingold voted for Obama in the Wisconsin primary and indicated that he'll likely support him as a superdelegate.

Obamaphiles are starting to piss off a bunch of folks. In fact, with all this Hillary bashing and misogynist comments from supposedly progressive bloggers, if Obama is the candidate, the howler isn't sure she is going to vote for him during the general election.

She can see how a McCain presidency, especially if he selects a moderate Republican for v-p, might be the death knell for the GOP batwing faction and worthy of her vote instead.

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