Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Double Whammy for Prince William County Homeowners

Once again, Howling Latina is rolling on the floor with tears of laughter and schadenfreude.

It's bad enough that home prices in Prince William County have fallen by 35 percent or more, but we learned today that county supervisors approved a huge tax hike at their last meeting.

That's right, the gang who cautioned voters to be very, very scared of Democrats during last year's election, the very same bunch who promised to never, ever, ever raise taxes. Lo and behold, stop the presses! They just executed one of the most formidable about-face, worthy of a Bronze medal in the flip-flopping category, for sure.

The Washington Post reports the Board "struggling with the costs of being one of the state's fastest-growing counties in an era of slumping real estate values" will publicly announce a "27 percent increase in the county property tax rate."

Let's see, property values have plummeted, neighborhoods have emptied, wealth has vanished, and we're supposed to keep voting for the same illustrious GOP gang of idiots for the privilege of disjointed and bush league governance.

As real estate values have fallen and home foreclosures have increased, government officials have been coping with budget shortfalls.
Well, don't say the howler didn't warn you. Republicans are very good at making over-arching promises they know they can't keep. Especially coming at the rump of their sheer incompetence.

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