Wednesday, March 19, 2008

America is More Sexist than Racist

Howling Latina has previously written about the state of affairs for women in America; especially for women in power.

Well, a new poll confirms and adds to the howler's worst fears. A majority of people are both racist and sexist.

Slate reports on a new poll that shows both sides of the same sad tale.

."Thirty-nine percent of those polled think that a woman candidate would "face more obstacles in presidential politics today," as compared with 33 percent who believe a black candidate would. Additionally, 42 percent of voters believe that Hillary Clinton has been judged more harshly on account of her gender, while only 27 percent think the same for Obama and his race.
Read the rest of the eye-popping article about the cheerless condition of public opinion in racist and patriarchal America.

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