Saturday, February 09, 2008

Voting for Hillary - Bob Kerrey is TOO

After going back and forth between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the howler decided to vote for Hillary. With Sen. John McCain on top of the Republican ticket, she thinks Hillary is the best candidate to run a successful campaign against him.

Yea, she knows that the latest poll shows Obama whipping McCain but...polls this early into the game are meaningless. Anyone remember Hollywood Fred?!? How about a guy named Rudy???

Former Nebraska governor and senator Bob Kerrey recently endorsed Hillary in an ad. Is there a secretary of state in Bob Kerrey's future?

Now apropos to almost nothing, the latest op-ed by Colbert King of the Washington Post "helpfully" writes that Hillary should pick sell-out Harold Ford as her running mate--you know to balance the ticket with another DLCer.

She has a much better candidate for Hillary. This is the year for REAL CHANGE. How about Fightin' Jim Webb. Now that's a dream ticket all the Dems can get excited about. And it's not so far fetched, folks. Webb buried the ancient hatch with Bill Clinton and if Bob Kerrey is advising Hillary, remember, Kerrey is great friends with Webb.

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