Monday, January 14, 2008

Leery of Obama

Ever since the howler learned that Obama merely voted "present" during a controversial bill that would have tried some juveniles as adults, her love affair with Obama (if one can call it that) came to an abrupt stop.

And the fact that his campaign accused former President Clinton of bigotry for pointing out that Obama's claim of being adamantly opposed to the Iraq invasion was a fairy tale in light of comments made in 2004 by the Democratic Senate hopeful and now presidential candidate that immediately negated any initial hostility of going to war, certainly did not endear the junior Illinois senator any...

The Democratic party is at a historical crossroad of an embarassment of riches. The first serious female presidential candidate is running in the same election cycle as the first serious black presidential contender.

Oh dear...what to do....whom to vote for...?

It's a tough call, folks. But as a feminist who watched the progressive blogosphere all too often rail against Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the '06 elections because you know, gasp, she was a liberal, and a woman to boot, she kinna leans towards Mrs. Clinton. That is, if she can muzzle hubby's phat trap.

Obama's "present" votes was the ultimate straw that broke the camel's stalemate for her; at least for now. If Willie doesn't shut up, though, and soon, the howler may change her mind. AGAIN!

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