Saturday, December 01, 2007

Republicans Can Loyalty Oaths

It looks like Virginia Republicans came to their senses and opted to can the presidential loyalty oaths.

Heretofore, any Virginians who voted in the GOP presidential primary in February had to forswear they'd vote for the Republican candidate -- no matter who that might be.

Ravaging Rudy, anyone...? How 'bout Huckleberry Holy Joe Huckabee??? Or Mendacious Shifting Mitt!?!

The Associated Press via the Virginian-Pilot reports that "[a] committee at the party's annual winter retreat voted overwhelmingly to rescind the request to the State Board of Elections regarding the Feb. 12 primary."

The party had been criticized for imposing the oath.

State GOP Executive Director Charlie Judd said because Democrats are holding their primary in Virginia the same day, that reduces the possibility that Democrats or independents could meddle in the GOP selection process.

Judd said the GOP could reinstate such an oath in future primaries.

You see, it was the Dems fault; they kept meddling in Republican affairs; if they would just stick to their own party concerns, well, the Republicans could then nominate the absolute battiest of all the batwing candidates and march to victory--same as they've done for the last seven years or so.

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