Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Do Lefties Blog about Matthews???

It seems every day some lefty blogger is yakking about something Chris Matthews of "Hardball" said or did.

Based on Matthews pitiful ratings, nearly losing to sad Tucker, night in and night out, Howling Latina wishes they'd stop blogging and mentioning his name.

Sure this guy is a first-class sexist idiot with juvenile antics only equal to the Junior-in-chief; and of course, folks only need to recall how last year Matthews was assuring audiences in Cableland that Sen. Jim Webb was a dead-man-walking carcass who would lose to Bubba George Allen.

Only a funny thing happened on the way to the White House. Allen lost, of course.

Yes, the howler can't stand to listen to Matthews when he goes on and on, cutting guests off like the older brother bully he no doubt was to his younger sibling, the ertswhile Pennsylvania GOP lieutenant governor candidate, Jim.

But let's face it, buzz only encourages Matthews and MSNBC suits. Talk about irrelevancy of rating numbers!!! Hell, Dan Abrams who only recently returned to cable news is already whipping Matthews's butt.

Stop the presses; quit giving Matthews cyberspace oxygen. Don't comment on ANYTHING he says; and maybe after a few days of empty ether he'll get the picture and go away.

Update: One noteworthy bit of news in light of the subprime lending meltdown, Lil Brother is a mortgage broker.

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