Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bye, bye Howard

President Bush is losing allies, one by one. The luminosity of Bush's coalition partners is down to a fading spark.

In 2004, Spain President Jose Maria Aznar was booted out of office; a couple of years later, it was Italy's Silvio Berlusconi's turn; earlier this year, it was Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Britain's Tony Blair; and now news organization report that one of Bush's remaining allies, Australia's Prime Minister John Howard has been shown the door by voters.

That's right; the center-left Labor Party won a majority of seats on Saturday; and the party's leader, Kevin Rudd, 50, now becomes Australia's new prime minister.

Promising to be the "prime minister for all Australians," Rudd promised supporters that he would "invest in the Australia of tomorrow."

Oh dear....looks like the coalition of the willing may have lost another one to I-Die-wreck.

But Howard's party not only lost control of Parliament, the New York Times reports that "Mr. Howard may suffer the indignity of losing his own seat." He held the seat for 33 years but is on the verge of losing to a "a former television anchor and rookie politician."
He would be the first sitting prime minister to lose his seat since 1929.
Howling Latina supposes Aussies weren't too thrilled with Howard's obeisance at the altar of Bush delusion. No doubt loyal Repubs who obstruct every Dem proposal to get the U.S. out of Iraq will suffer similar fates next year -- as well they should.

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