Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why is Stephen Colbert Running for President...???

On the mind of many political pundits is the seminal question of why comedian extraordinaire Stephen Colbert is running for president, albeit, only in South Carolina.

This Sunday on "Meet the Press," Colbert is the marquee guest; and already media elites are wondering whether Colbert will "bomb" just as he did at last year's White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Yes, ever since the disgraceful display of pandering by media elites after Colbert nailed them with his right-on brutal truth, uptight Beltway insiders have never been the same without their royal robes.

But give it to NBC, though, at least they know an audience-nabbing guest when they come across one. As an astute blog reader noted on Politico, perhaps this week, MTP "will have an audience that is younger than 75 years old."

Call it a hunch, but Howling Latina thinks that perhaps Colbert is running for president to show just how easy it is to create buzz and manipulate folks to vote for you, especially when people are either totally ignorant or jaded.

That's right. South Carolinians will have a chance to vote for Mickey Mouse; only this year's Mickey is under 'el nombre del cómico' Stephen Colbert.

Colbert is currently fashioning a party platform for his Colbert Nation and is asking supporters to please help him select a running mate.

On a personal level, the howler likes phony Christian Pat Dobson for this dubious honor.

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