Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Does it Take for a Little Outrage???

A quick stroll through the progressive blogosphere and very little pushback on the Washington Post story about Bush trying to eavesdrop on Americans way before 9/11.

Well, thankfully tristero of Hullabaloo shares enough of Howling Latina's outrage to devote a full post.
Within five weeks after George W. Bush moved into the White House (after a stolen election, let's not forget), his dministration sought to wiretap without any legal oversight whatsoever, severely punishing those that insisted on obeying the law.* Not work to change the law, mind you, but rather to disobey the laws of this country with total impunity. Within five weeks. Long before 9/11. Kee-rist.
Update: Well, thankgod, national outrage is forging.

Update II: Huffington Post is front-paging the story above the fold.

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