Saturday, October 06, 2007

WaPo Story on Falling Real Estate Prices & Latinos

Glad to see the story of falling real estate prices in Prince William County has hit mainstream media and one of the top progressive blogs in Virginia. Especially since Howling Latina has been trying to call attention to this phenomena in several posts on Aug. 29, Sept. 3, and Sept. 26.

Yep, she sure is glad to see the Washington Post thought it was something the denizens in Prince William County might want to consider when going to the polls in November, even if the blogging community to date had ignored the plummeting prices.

Shout it from every roof top, lefties. Latinos drove the real estate boom in PWC since 2000; and now GOPers with their mean spirited and boneheaded proposals for a lily white county are responsible for the melting housing market that cost millions and millions of dollars in lost equity to homeowners and tax revenue to county government.

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