Saturday, October 06, 2007

Manassas Park's Rise - PWC's Loss

Manassas Park recently made news when they refused to spew vile anti-immigration vitriol against Latinos who live in their fair city -- unlike public voices in Prince William County.

Well, the little city that stood tall against its insolent and overbearing neighbor is reaping the divine emanations of the universe. The erstwhile city of modest homes and working class families has been transformed into the jewel of the county.

New tax revenues have ushered a brand spanking new high school and middle school with low student to teacher ratio and state-of-the art resources. Public officials govern without the histrionics of Latino hysteria; and as a result, no negative headlines; people live agreeably with one another -- and are very happy with their diverse community.

To illustrate, a recent real estate listing proudly tells would-be buyers, hey, this home is in the City of Manassas Park -- with its own government, school and libertarian worldview -- not fractious PWC that thinks it's a fine idea to stop children at bus stops and mom and dad at the 7-Eleven, you know, just to make sure no illegals are in their midst.

[O]wn this home for less than $500 down! Call chris for details @ 571-228-8828**2 car garage! Beautifully updated...New outlets & switches,carpet, tile,etc...Condo assoc.Is responsible for maintaining the exterior of house,the water & sewer bill,the trash & the landscape/lawn!Community also has pool & park areas.Wayens coating,crown molding etc....**this home is located in manassas park not pwc**
Howling Latina has been blogging about the devastating real estate meltdown in PWC as a result of the harebrained notion by some racist GOPers that singling out Latinos for special unconstitutional attention would be a good idea. With news stories almost every day about the overblown immigration crisis and county officials response, the county's brand is in the trash.

Just last Tuesday, Manassas Journal Messenger, a local newspaper, reported what commonsense should have foretold -- negative headlines have "sullied" and stunk up the joint.
The Prince William County Human Rights Commission drew a direct link between the anti-immigration resolution and a recent increase in Ku Klux Klan activity in the area, attempted fire bombings and protests.

The report that took three months to complete stated that since the resolution was proposed in July, the county has been "fractured in ways not seen since the 1950s."

The commission also said the resolution has created a "climate of fear and mistrust" in the county.
Pssst...wanna stop all that hemorrhaging of your assets??? Well, here's what Manassas Park has to say on the subject of immigration after false impressions were perpetrated by the windbags at HelpRuinManassas.

Recently, a small faction of citizens crafted public statements that mislead others on the City of Manassas Park’s position on illegal immigration. This group’s false representation of the City’s position serves only to support a vigilante agenda that the City believes is irresponsible and offensive to everyone who productively serves the community in volunteer, elected and paid positions.

The City’s position is no secret to those who take the initiative to get informed. Federal and state authorities, on the law making and enforcement sides of the house, recognize Manassas Park as one of the first jurisdictions to request legislation that would legally support municipalities’ efforts to combat illegal residency. Manassas Park will continue to work aggressively with federal and state agencies to address all criminal activity, including illegal residency. In the interim, the City will monitor neighboring jurisdictions’ initiatives to identify individuals as illegal and will implement similar approaches if these measures prove legal and effective. A recent decision by a U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania struck down efforts by the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania to enact ordinances that regulate the presence and employment of illegal immigrants. While not binding in Virginia, this decision serves as a sobering reminder that we must proceed with diligence.

The City of Manassas Park is proud of its diversity. Our efforts will make clear the distinction between illegal residency and a varied cultural presence within our borders. The City believes most residents in Manassas Park are legally present and moved to this area to create a better life for their respective families. The City will continue to provide resources and services to support all legal residents.

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