Saturday, October 13, 2007

Immigration Discourse at WaPo

In reading the latest immigration article in the Washington Post, Howling Latina decided to publish three posts from readers to illustrate how explosive and racist the issue has become.

Here are the gems:

Post #1 - Easy to solve another one of the WAPO puff piece "Oh poor little illegal immigrants and the hard time they face..." If you are not a legal U.S. Citizen. GET OUT. I dont care if you are a mom, father, son, daughter. Illegal means illegal.

Post #2 - I'm really tired of criminals trying to use our legal system to get away with their crimes. The nerve of all of them - marching, declaring their "rights". They have ZERO rights - they entered our nation illegally and must go home. They can decide whether to take their American citizen families with them or not. They've known since day one when they crossed the border or overstayed their visas that some day they might get caught. Now, instead, they sue! go figure.

Post #3 - Lets go steal some cars. Apparently felonies aren't being enforced anymore.

To post #1, if illegal means illegal, does that apply to Supervisor Chairman Corey A. Stewart's possible recent criminality as well? To post #2, the howler hates to break it to you, but the constitution provides mininal rights to every person in the land -- whether citizens, residents or undocumented workers. To post #3, ever since Republicans started giving their buddies get-out-of-jail-free cards, felonies stopped being enforced.

Anyone remember Ollie? Well how 'bout Cap?? Surely you remember Scooter???

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