Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fundies Wackview...Diamonds are a Gal's Best Friend

Howling Latina could not stop, well, howling when she came across this image of moral virtue courtesy of Pandagon.

It's an image that originated with the Abstinence Awareness Campaign by fundies designed to teach youn'ns to store their precious family jewel away.

¡Ah Dios mio! What century do we live in that women are still fetishized and objectified as mere sexual receptacles for men and whose godly pinnacle in life is to be chaste brides?!?

Absolutely no sex education in school, for crissakes! Leave that task to wackjobs.

That's right, send us your maidens for a quickie seminar and watch how fast we can teach them the noble art of lying to parents. And by the bye, don't be too surprised when Missy turns up with a sexually transmitted disease and/or a few months pregnant.

Don't believe? Well, just go and check out Falwell's very lucrative home for unwed mothers, Godparent Home. Lots of diamond babies to good Christian homes because abstinence works, oh, so very well. And heavenforbid if as a reader noted, the mother's "hymen" was "[gasp, horror] only rhinestone"!

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