Saturday, October 13, 2007

Corey Stewart Wastes Taxpayers $$$$

Republican Supervisor Chairman Corey A. Stewart is on a quest to bring Prince William County back from the abyss of run-away immigration and the frittering away of taxpayers money. To a time before land when the county was aflush with cash and whites.

But like most things in GOP-land, it's an upside down world where Stewart's guidance has had a mirror effect: daily negative headlines; real estate prices plummeting; county coffers drying up. to add insult to agony, Stewart has unilaterally squandered $$$ in campaign style mailouts just weeks before his tight reelection -- possibly doing what he claims to abhor -- breaking the law.

The Potomac News reports that Stewart paid "$30,937 out of his discretionary funds to mail...white, 8 x 5 cards which stopped short of asking residents to encourage the board to pass [a] resolution," which is the "cornerstone of [his] campaign."

Supervisor Hilda M. Barg, D-Woodbridge, called Stewart "unethical" for sending out a mailing that looked so much like a campaign piece just weeks before the election.


"This is misleading the public. This is spending almost $31,000 of taxpayers' money when he's standing up here talking about how we've got to cut costs," she said.

Barg was also incensed that Stewart didn't check with the other board members, as is the custom before they spend iscretionary funds.

"Not one board member knew this was coming out," Barg said.

To anyone whose been listening to Stewart's campaign, his raison d'ĂȘtre has been to rid the county of illegal immigrants who broke the law; a theme that feels more than a bit contrived when measured against his own possible criminality in averting laws that apply to him.

Indeed, "Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert has questions about [the] mailer."

"It doesn't smell good," Ebert said of the mailer notifying residents that the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will vote Tuesday on its policy to crackdown on illegal immigration and to cut off taxpayer-funded services to illegal immigrants.
H/T to NLS and local newspapers that are reporting GOP misconduct and illegality on immigration. Pot, why must you insist on calling the kettle black?!?

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