Monday, October 29, 2007

Bush Stops Going to Church

Every person has heard the tale of Bush being redeemed from the depths of sin and vice and hell. Indeed, Christ redeemed our dear president through the power of His blood; and ever since that holy redemptive day, Dubya has tried to faithfully live his life unto the Lord -- wanting only to obey and be an instrument of His glory.

But alas, on his way to Zion something has happened. Bush lost his mojo. Or at least the magic fruit of faithfulness. Julie Mason of the Houston Chronicle reports that no one has seen Bush attend worship services on Sunday in a very long time and his Bible is getting mighty "dusty."

Another Sunday and President Bush skipped church. We can't remember the last time he went. He never used to miss church -- and we know, because we get Sunday pool duty all the time and have to get up in the dark and go with him.
Oh dear. Looks like the Prez must be under a full demonic attack. How else to explain Bush breaching one of the Ten Commandments, "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy"?

Yes, Howling Latina has the strong suspicion that the Evil One has used his wily charms on poor Bush and he ultimately succumbed under the weight of all the sinning and inequity of his world.

Or...perhaps it is exactly as one eagle-eyed reader observed, "He doesn't have to impress the fundamentalist right wing any more, so he can stop with the phony man of God act. "

Either way, Bushworld is of his own making; a world of pestilence, fire, hunger, drought, anarchy, death and profane war. Now let's see Chris Matthews of "Hardball" do a month's worth of clips on why poor Laura opted to stay in her marriage to the impeachable prez.

There's a difference between the Clintons going to a local church where they are whooped and lionized, and Bush going to a UMC church where he is blasted regularly from the pulpit. This has more to do with the politicizing nature of the preachers than the presidents. Ironically, President Bush seems to be coming closer and closer to the Catholic church. And that this is happening in the waning days of his presidency makes it hard to cast this as a political move.
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