Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bush Demands Democracy for Cuba

Not satisfied with spreading love and democracy in the Middle East, The New York Times reports that President Bush will sending a "stern warning" to Cuba that anything less than full democracy is unacceptable.

In a speech to be given at the State Department, Times reports that "Mr. Bush is expected to make clear that the United States will oppose an old system controlled by new faces."

You see, "nothing in Raúl Castro’s past gives Washington reason to expect democratic reforms soon." So the United States will continue on its tried and true path of "uphold[ing]...tough economic policies against the island." Yes, the very ones in place since forever to such great success.

Guess it's hunky-dory when a ruthless leader, oh, like let's say Hosni Mubarak of Egypt rigs a presidential election or two and wins; and then makes assiduous preparations for his son to succeed him when he finally leaves office. That's democracy on the march in Bush-world.

Now, Howling Latina doesn't mean to imply the United States should stand idly by once Castro dies. However, she definitely does not want the hard line policies that devastated the Middle East to have a chance to work their poison on the island nation.

America needs to butt out of countries affairs and let them work out their destiny. As for the gang of moneychangers in Miami salivating at the bit for the spoils in the aftermath, let them wait.

Cubans who stayed behind all those years and contributed to making Cuban society should be first in line. In other words, why should HL and her kinfolks displace someone in laying claims to assets for which they did not toil???

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