Monday, October 08, 2007

Bubba's Back

Rumors of a George Allen (R-Racist) tossing his ten-gallon hat into the political ring and making a comeback are all the latest buzz.


Now here's a juicy tidbit. It seems Hollywood Fred (you know the actor with a very agreeable income from the movie industry -- the very same industry that Bubba Allen violently tongue-lashed during last year's Senate race) thought he had landed the former junior senator from Virginia to help him spin after tomorrow night's Republican debate.

Chuck Todd of
First Read writes that Thompson "requested Spin Room credentials for one-time presidential hopeful/former Virginia Sen. George Allen" along with Darth Cheney's not-gay daughter, Liz Cheney.

Todd also notes that two of the three top candidates during last year's Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll (before reality smacked Allen with a two-by-four) have joined Thompson's campaign: Bubba Allen and Catman Bill Frist.

But alas, a recent First Read update
reports that Allen and Cheney have been hit by schedulitis.
Liz Cheney and George Allen will now NOT be coming to Dearborn to spin for Thompson after tomorrow night's debate. The campaign had initially planned to have both here but scheduling conflicts prevented both from coming.
Gosh, Howling Latina was really looking forward to seeing Allen's phony smiley Bubba face back on the tube.

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