Saturday, October 27, 2007

About Jill Holtzman Vogel's Spark

Any voter who cares about the integrity and character of their public servants should steer clear of Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel's "spark and command of state issues" that were so critical in stealing the 2000 election for Bush-Cheney even though Al Gore won.

Yes, Holtzman Vogel knows all about hardball politics as evidenced in her slime campaign against GOP opponent Mark Tate during the primary that precipitously landed him in trouble with the law.

Here's a citizen's musing on the "hatchet job" by Holtzman Vogel as published in Clarke Times Courier.

During the Republican primary, Ms. Vogel, by proxy, did a classic hatchet job on her opponent, Mark Tate. Perhaps he was culpable or perhaps he was not, but the technique employed leaves a cloud of doubt around her campaign. Interesting that after her primary "victory", the charges against Mr. Tate have now been dropped. As a result, several of my Republican friends have decided they cannot vote for Ms. Vogel. By contrast, Karen Schultz has pursued an honorable and principled path of political discourse throughout this campaign.

Come Election Day, Howling Latina will be voting for Democrat Karen Schultz, the "respected, hardworking educator, school board member and community leader," as the Washington Post opined.

Ghost of Tricky Dicky or just good ol' character assassination of the Rovian kind; the woman in red is toxic -- as she hides in blue behind her signs.

Guess what, Jill is still Jill. She tried to sneak a special interest emergency POA bill (emergency POA issues???) for a large developer friend at the special session devoted to transportation. It seems that her big developer friend is a defendant in a lawsuit and things are not going well. She happened to use the developer’s law firm to draft the proposed legislation but denies her bill is to tip the outcome of the case. Her bill didnt pass the laugh test but it passed the Senate thanks to the bullying of Saslaw, the developer contributed to his campaign. Her bill ran into a roadblock in the House and was tabled. Watch out for this slippery developer friendly politicial. Otherwise, she will run right over you!!
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