Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Republican Senators Call Bush Out

In spite of President Bush's berating Congress about the children's health insurance program and how the bill would bust the bank at Uncle Sam's Country Club, the House passed the bill by 265 to 159 with 45 Republicans joining all but eight Democrats.

Virginia's entire Democratic slate voted for the measure. However, Reps. Thelma Drake (R- 03), Randy Forbes ((R-04) , Virgil Goode (R-05), Bob Goodlatte (R-06) and Eric I. Cantor (R-07) voted against Virginia's children and sided with GOP leaders and the White House. That's how you show you truly care about the children; you vote against their interest.

Not every GOPer is drinking the kool aid, however. The Washington Post reports that some Republicans have had enough of Bush slanting the facts to fit his preferred story line and flat out lying.

Just last week, Bush claimed that benefits would go to families who make as much as $83,000. But Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Charles Grassley of Iowa told the press "that Bush [was] dead wrong about the $83,000 figure."

That's Senate-speak for dissembling.

You see, contrary to what Bush claimed and conservative bloggers parroted, the only state that was grandfathered "to cover children with incomes that high" is New York. And "the administration turned down" a recent request.

That's right, no $83,000 for New Yorkers. Under the law, the White House has ultimate vetoing power.

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