Monday, September 03, 2007

More Bad Publicity for Prince William County

Well, more bad publicity for Prince William County. When they're not sending someone off to die, they're busy trying to scare them to death.

The Washington Post writes yet one more story about the chaos in PWC because Republicans like Jackson Miller and his ilk thought it was a great idea to stir up hatred in their community.

And just like the civil rights movement in '60s in the South, Latinos from all over the nation descended into Woodbridge to protest the "Board of Supervisors' plan to curb services to illegal immigrants."

Protesters from as far as Minnesota converged on the Sean T. Connaughton Community Plaza for speeches and a two-mile march, organized by Mexicans Without Borders and other immigrant advocacy groups.

"We come in peace," said Karla Makris, 26, a paralegal born in Nicaragua. "We're not stealing. We're not criminals."

On July 10, the Prince William board thrust the county into the middle of the Northern Virginia immigration debate, adopting a resolution directing officials to determine which government services can be lawfully withheld from anyone in the country illegally.

Oh yea, good luck on that one!

The measure also authorizes Prince William police to ask about residency status if they have probable cause to believe that an individual is in the country illegally. Exactly what constitutes probable cause, and how legal residency would be verified, is still under review by the police.
Howling Latina sure hopes the denizens of PWC are ready to fork over some serious $$$ for all the lawsuits they soon will face. This ain't no disco; this ain't no fooling around.

Public officials have already confessed that the issue was designed to bring out their base in November. Some operatives have even compared immigrants to sex offenders and "top-ranking Stafford County officials [were making] joking remarks about a 10-foot-tall fence and a concentration camp."

Keep the bad karma coming and those property values plummeting! And in next year's Senate race, forgetaboutit. Expect to lose that one. It's a statewide race, and no safe gerrymandered districts to help you win.

That's right, enjoy your waning days in power. Dems will win the state Senate in the fall; and even if they don't take back the House, after the '10 Census, they'll be waving farewell to a few more batwing legislators afterwards.

To paraphrase what Sen. John Warner said a couple of days ago, Virginia elects both Democrats and Republicans; it's just that Dems are on the rise and Repubs are on the way down.

Gotta love the tough-on-crime Republicans who rail against immigrants for breaking the law but have no qualm in breaking more than a few to run them off.

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