Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Official...

First they disrepected Hispanics in Florida and now it's the Christiofascists who get to feel the love.

Can anyone get a witness please?!? Apparently not. The New York Sun penned an article that summarizes it best:
If self-styled "values voters" have felt snubbed by the Republican presidential candidates this election season, that snubbing is now official."
You see, top-tier candidates turned down an offer to debate at a forum sponsored by social conservatives.
Mayor Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Sen. McCain are all declining to participate in a September 17 debate in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that's being hosted by an umbrella social-conservative group called
Maybe GOPers just don't like the Sunshine State. Folks will recall that the hyped Republican debate on Univisión focusing on Hispanic issues in Miami was canned last week due to lack of interest, er, scheduling conflicts.

Well at least social conservatives will still have the memories from third and fourth-tier wannabes.

A number of...Republican candidates have confirmed attendance at the event, according to the news site, whose editor, Joseph Farah, is slated to moderate the debate. They include Rep. Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Rep. Tom Tancredo, Senator Brownback, Rep. Ron Paul, and John Cox.
Poor batwings; no marquee candidates. For McCain, pesky scheduliitis strikes again; he has to be in South Carolina. Romney, too, has a scheduling conflict. No word from the Giuliani and Thompson campaign, but stay tuned as the cold-shoulder brush asides continue.

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