Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stop Killing People

A top British soldier asks the United States to stop killing people left and right.

Espcially in southern Afghanistan, where American Special Forces have been linked to "most of the civilian deaths and injuries," according to a New York Times article.

Everyone is concerned about civilian casualties, a ”senior British commander said. “Of course it is counterproductive if civilians get injured, but we’ve got to pick up the pack of cards that we have got. Other people have been operating in our area before us.”
Goodness, can the Bush administration do anything right...?

Apparently, any time Special Forces get into trouble, they call for air support; and the fighting flyers come to their rescue and shoot and kill every man, woman and child in sight.

The Americans are killing and destroying a village just in pursuit of one person,” said Mahmadullah, 24, referring to Osama bin Laden. “So now we have understood that the Americans are a curse on us, and they are here just to destroy Afghanistan. They can tell the difference between men and women, children and animals, but they are just killing everyone.”

Yes siree, that's one surefire way to win the hearts and minds of locals. Just kill a few of their good citizens and leave no orphans behind.

Well, here's a great quote from a village mullah that illustrates to readers the perfect White House plan for victory. .
First they kill me, and then they rebuild my house?” he said. “What is the point when I am dead and my son is dead? This is not of any worth to us "
Forget Zig Ziglar and Deepak Chopra; this is what Howling Latina calls the power to persuade and bring new friends to your side.

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