Saturday, August 04, 2007

Protests in Jena LA

In a post titled, "The State of Racial Relations in the Deep South," Howling Latina decried the locking-up of black teens because they refused to refrain from sitting under a tree reserved "for whites only."

Well all hell recently broke loose, Houston Media Center reports:

Folks came from all over the country to support the Jena 6, in Louisiana. Focusing on messages of unity, adhering strictly to the wishes of the families of the students facing jail time, and commitment to bringing more into the struggle, the rallies and march were unprecedented in this town of only 3000 people.
H/T to Houston Media Center for the images; and my favorite sign is the one that admonishes the government not to "incarcerate but educate." It would save the taxpaying public gazillions of dollars.

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