Friday, August 31, 2007

Pipe Down, Joe!

With Sen. John Warner announcing his retirement and the Dems in excellent shape to not only retain their majority in the Senate but add a few seats in'08, poor Joe Lieberman has lost his mojo. No more dire threats about switching parties.

That's right, Joe, your menacing days are over.
So be a good little pig, and fly home to Connecticut where your new neighbors have a special "anti-war welcome" for you.

Lieberman recently purchased a home in Stamford and announced that "after 47 years in New Haven," he was moving.
But it didn't take long for Ed Anderson, creator of the Web site, to find out where he was moving.

Anderson, who learned Lieberman's new address from city real estate records yesterday, said Lieberman should be used to protests outside his home, because war opponents have done the same thing in New Haven."

Are we smiling and saying, 'You can't get away from us?' Yeah, we are, but it's nothing new," Anderson said.

Well run along and be a good little boy, Joe, or we'll have to take away your chair and committee asignments.

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