Sunday, August 05, 2007

Novak Confirms Warner Whispers

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire reports that well-connected columnist Robert Novak says that Sen. John Warner, R-VA, will not run for reelection in '08.

It's all doom and gloom for Virginia GOPers, Novak writes, as they come to the stark realization that Warner will not be on the ballot next fall.

"The state's GOP leaders not long ago were sure that 80-year-old Republican Sen. John Warner would seek a sixth term in 2008, but now they think he probably will not. That would open the door for Democratic former Gov. Mark Warner (no relation) to enter the race. Any Republican would be an underdog against the Democratic Warner."

Who can blame their cheerless countenance in light of the Dem roster awaiting in the wings?

But bless their little batwing hearts, take pity, for their Pavlovian response is to gear up and oppose the Republican candidate best positioned to win a statewide election.

Yes, with the recent wave of Dem wins and demographic shifts, Republicans need a centrist candidate like Congressman Tom Davis to win statewide. But the holy-roller-powers-that-be deem Davis not crimson red enough.

Howling Latina supposes the Republican Party needs yet another whippin' before it all sinks in. Their super majority in the General Assembly is mainly made-up of gerrymandered districts.

Virginians are not apocalyptic embracing, uber-conservative bigots, as Kilgore and Allen found out.

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