Friday, August 24, 2007

Jim Webb to Headline Jefferson Jackson Dinner in New Hampshire

It seems our junior senator is very popular throughout the country.

Union Leader reports that Sen. Jim Webb, D-VA, will be headlining the Democratic Jefferson Jackson Dinner in New Hampshire in October.

The senator whose election is credited with swinging the balance of power to Democrats in the U.S. Senate last year will be the featured speaker at the state Democratic Party's annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner in October.


Sen. Webb's election to the United States Senate was a critical victory for Democrats as we fight to end the war as quickly as possible and tend to the national priorities, like health care and education, which were ignored under the Republican-controlled Congress," Buckley said.

Of course, New Hamsphire is a battleground state in the Senate race with embattled Republican John Sununu on his last jammin' phone session -- er. last days before voters boot him out of office.

Uh, oh, get the cavalry ready. Looks like Fightin' Jim Webb is going to the Granite State to help fight the good fight; and yea, unlike Sununu, without cheating and lying.

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