Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jackson Miller Supporter Backs Hounding Immigrants

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. ~George Bernard Shaw

A couple of days ago, Howling Latina came out in support of the Latino boycott as a way to fight back against the menacing mean-spirited wave that has taken over Prince William County.

And as way to smear a candidate HL tried to help elect in a special election last year and may do so again this November, some "nattering nabob of negativism" darkly pointed out that gasp, she had worked the polls for Jeanette Rishell.

By the way, the mudslinging king was a stauch Jackson "Batwing" Miller supporter and loves to ratchet the poison that's bringing negative headlines to PWC and costing real estate prices to plummet beyond neighboring areas.

Well, rather than point out exactly why this blogger's worldview is oh, so contrived and racist, she'll let a passage from a Washington Post editorial comparing Washington area jurisdictions speak for her on the issue.

Prince William County...has lately joined the nationwide rush to hound illegal immigrants by denying them public services and siccing the police on them in hopes of driving them away. Prince William's neighbor to the north, Loudoun County, has done the same. But Manassas Park, its diminutive size notwithstanding, is refusing to be bullied into joining in the immigrant-bashing.

Mr. Fork Tongue, wonder ye then at the fiery pushback by Latinos???

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