Thursday, August 30, 2007

GOP Flips Off Latinos - No Debate in Miami

All the rhetoric about changing the Latino voting bloc to the GOP side of the aisle dissipated with the rabid explosion of anti-immigrant fever; and as a result, Latinos came home to the Democratic Party in 2006.

Now it looks like GOPers have decided to write Latinos off this election cycle; can't alienate their racist base, you know.

Political Wire writes that due to lack of interest by the GOP candidates, the hyped Republican debate in Spanish on Univisión has been canned. And "the cancellation [has obviously added] to the growing distance between the Latino community" and the Republican Party.

[M]ost of the Republican field..."ignored invitations to attend Hispanic-oriented conferences in Florida organized by the National Association of Latin Elected Officials and the National Council of La Raza."
Not even a lame excuse about unavoidable scheduling conflicts. Oops, probrecito Cubanitos -- ninguna fiesta para ustedes en Miami!

But to avoid the glaring incrimination that Republicans don't give a hoot , event planners spinned the slight so fast and furiously that kinetosis rapidly became a congenital Miami disease.

The initial plan was to have Republicans debate on Sept. 16, as the Miami Herald notes; but only Sen. John McCain (bless his geezer heart) agreed to appear.

''That date is off the table,'' university spokeswoman Bárbara Gutiérrez said Wednesday.

She said a GOP debate hasn't been ruled out for later in the fall.

''We're thinking that everyone wants to see how the Democratic one goes before they commit,'' she said.

Oh well, this is the thanks Cuban-Americans get for helping Bush & Co. ultimately forge ahead in 2000 and deliver Florida to the GOP. .

Talk about total disrespect! Oh yea, Howling Latina can see more than a few of her brethren in Florida voting for the Dem. candidate in '08.

Update: GOPers trumped up the feeble excuse about "scheduling conflicts."

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