Sunday, August 05, 2007

Georgia Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Troy Anthony Davis Case

Less than 24 hours before the scheduled execution of Troy Anthony Davis, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles granted him a 90-day stay.

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Georgia's Supreme Court agreed to hear "oral arguments between prosecutors and defense attorneys on whether Davis should get a new trial."

Yipee, Davis gets one more bite at the apple of justice.

"He's happy," defense attorney Jason Ewart said after speaking by phone with Davis. He tries to stay distant from the day to day because it's a roller coaster. But he has a positive outlook."

How sweet it is! If you recall, trial witnesses signed affidavits alleging prosecutorial malfeasance. They say detectives browbeat them into falsely testifying against Davis in court.

Regarding the arguments to be presented to the state Supreme Court, Ewart, Davis's attorney, said: "We are making the legal argument that innocence matters, that recantations matter when they affect the verdict."

"I'm elated -- we're one step closer to people telling the truth," said Davis's sister,
Martina Correia. "It's time for my brother to walk out of that jail."

Chairman Garland Hunt, thank you for saving an innocent man's life.

Howling Latina feels certain that after hearing the evidence, the Georgia Supreme Court will award a new trial; and after Davis is cleared, perhaps the state will finally do their job and arrest the likely killer: the man who initially fingered Davis.

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