Sunday, August 26, 2007

Enthusiastic Miami Crowd Greets Obama

Even though the entry price was $25, the Democratic presidential candidate snagged the largest crowd so far in 2008 when he visited Miami.

Indeed, according to Beth Reinhard of the Miami Herald, Barack Obama "turned Saturday afternoon at Miami-Dade County Auditorium into Sunday morning at church...straying from the teleprompters [with] intimacy and spontaneity rarely seen on the campaign trail."
''You have my word -- and the government and people of Cuba should hear my call -- that our cause is simple,'' he said. "It's what drew my father across an ocean, and many of you across the waters to our south. That principle is libertad. Until there is justice in Cuba, there is no justice anywhere.''

Libertad! Freedom! Freedom to have an open dialogue with ANYONE!

The blogosphere has been abuzz lately because in an interview, Obama named batwing Sen. Tom Coburn, a man the Illinois senator rightly labeled the most conservative man in Washington, as a person he could work with.

Now, after excoriating Bush for refusing to sit down with Iran, bloggers have been trashing Obama all over the place for having the temerity to voice the unthinkable. THE HORROR! the horror...

Guess Obama and Coburn will soon be yappin' up ways to ban abortions, outlaw gays and mandate V-chips in every household.

Honestly, sometimes the national progressive blogosphere is so guilty of group-think me-tooism. But bless lefties little hearts, brave souls spoke truth to power in their comments.

That's right, equal to talking with adversaries from North Korea President Kim Jong-il to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Obama is absolutely right; freedom is the release from conventional wisdom; permission to talk to even the battiest of the batwings when interests coalesce -- and even when they don't.

Just the other day on Jon Stewart, Obama declined to attack Hillary after Stewart goaded him by dissing her ladyship's experience in the White House. But Obama didn't bite; he didn't bark; hell, he didn't even growl.

This guy is an independent spirit and authentic to a fault. Hillary can talk up all her experience and try to scare Dems to vote for her because you know, she's the only one who can save us from the mean terrible terrorists; but..Obama doesn't need to use creepy histrionics, he can get votes through honest, common sense solutions. Like removing the harebrained travel ban to Cuba.

Americans "want someone new,'' Obama told the cheering crowd. "They want to turn the page. They want to write a new chapter of American history."

Amen, Brother Obama. Godspeed, and what the hell has taken you so long?!?

Update: Attendees paid as much as $100 for seats. H/T Pensito Review.

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