Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doug Wilder Makes Early Endorsement

Former Virginia governor and current Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder doesn't like to make early endorsements but in this election cycle, he's taking the plunge.

The Politico reports that Wilder is endorsing the best candidate in the Democratic presidential field: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.
Douglas Wilder of Virginia, who made history as the nation's first elected black governor, is preparing to campaign aggressively for Barack Obama, and predicted in an interview that the charismatic young candidate could shatter the Republican Party's virtual lock on the South.
Yep, Howling Latina couldn't agree more; and she expects Sen. Jim Webb to be coming out with his endorsement very soon.
His lavish praise was also surprising. Wilder's frequent practice has been to haze fellow Democrats, either with public digs or a mischievous silence, if he believed they had not paid their dues or could challenge him for influence.
Tim Kaine has already endorsed Obama; the popular Virginia governor was one of the earliest statewide officeholders to support him. On the other hand, Warner, ever the cautious pol, is staying above the fray for now.

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