Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day & Del Torro Creating Fauquier Buzz

Last week, the Fauquier Times-Democrat featured an article about the Democratic Supper Club meeting in Warrenton that meets each month.

Two state House Democratic candidates headlined this month's Sunday gabfest: Bill Day who is running against Flip-Flop Scott Limgamfelter and Carlos Del Toro who is running against Snoozy Mark Cole.

And stay tuned, the Times-Democrat is penning a story this week about how the Dem candidates are raising lots and lots of $$$ much to the alarm and dismay of Scottie, Mark and the rest of the GOP gang.

Meanwhile, Mr. Day reminded the friendly crowd at the meeting that in November when he gets elected he will be "the first Fauquier resident to represent the county in more than 10 years."

You see, Fauquier lost their Richmond representative in '02 with the gerrymandering scheme that Republicans concocted to keep control of the House; and don't think folks in Fauquier have forgotten or forgiven.

"The professional counselor outlined three key issues that he said are pertinent to his district: transportation, smart growth and energy policy.


Virginia currently has no energy policy, according to Day, and he said it was important to look seriously at renewable energy sources, develop a conservation plan and focus on green building.

Yes, the last few years have revealed the lie that was Del. Flip-Flopper's battle cry, "Promises made -- promised kept."

Now more than ever, Lingamfelter has refused to represent the interests of his constituents. With blocking transportation funding and every Kaine road initiative, and then SPONSORING, and yes, you heard right, SPONSORING the disastrous unconstitutional driver abusive fees in the General Assembly, Lingamfelter has shown voters that he cannot be trusted with their future and must be booted out of office.

Meanwhile, Retired Navy Cmdr. Del Toro, a Cuban native has been knocking on doors and hauling in the cash as fast as people can write checks and click on the mouse to donate.

For his campaign run, Del Toro is making education a premier issue. He told the good folks that "it was important to allocate money to local boards of supervisors so that they c[ould] provide for local schools."

The Times-Democrat observed that "[a]ttracting high-paying jobs [would be] another key initiative for Del Toro whose district includes Opal, Remington, Bealeton and Morrisville. "

Godspeed, Señor Day and Del Torro; sail onward to victory in November - PLEASE!

Update: The Times-Democrat has already posted Howling Latina's scoop online.

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