Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Daddy's Little girl

Trolling through the Internet, Howling Latina came across the news that former Mayor Rudi Giuliani, America's mayor, had little support back home.

And no, she doesn't mean in New York and all that business about 9/11 and the firefighters union, she's talking about a little closer to home, like his sweet precious daughter.

Today, Slate, an online magazine owned by The Washington Post Co., reports that Giuliani's 17-year old daughter, Caroline, supports Barack Obama for president. Or at least she did until the wire services got a hold of the story and the New York Times, CBS and CNN joined in the buzz.

"On her profile, she designates her political views as "liberal" and—until this morning—proclaimed her membership in the Facebook group "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)."

Not to worry, Papa Rudy; her heart really belongs to daddy.

Reuters via The Washington Post reports that she has done some backtracking.

"A spokeswoman...said the teen-ager's Facebook listing was intended as an expression of interest in 'certain principles' but not an indication of support in a presidential campaign."

You see, she was merely expressing herself; she's already taken down her profile and quit the "Obama fan club."

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