Friday, August 31, 2007

Breaking News - Warner Retiring

Breaking news: Sen. John Warner announced he's retiring and will not run for reelection in '08, the Washington Post and other media reports.

For the first time in 30 years, Warner's name will not be on the ballot. And as the Post notes, "His retirement is unwelcome news for his fellow Republicans."

Look for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to ratchet up the heat to convince former Gov. Mark Warner to run for the open seat. To no avail, IMHO, until the fall election results for the Virginia General Assembly are in.

If Dems don't pick up state Senate chamber in November, look for Warner to pass. If Dems win, he's in. And in the meantime, don't expect the former governor to tip his hand.

With Republicans battling it to the death for the worthless nomination if Warner runs, Dems may not even need a first-tier candidate to win. Northern Virginia holds the key; and the GOP strategy of immigration as a wedge issue is starting to look more and more like a sledge hammer from the sky for the batwings and manna from heaven for the Dems.

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