Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Barack Obama & Jim Webb

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wrote an op-ed in the Miami-Herald decrying the draconian edict by the Bush administration which prohibits Cuban-Americans from sending cash or visiting loved ones.

"Our main goal," Obama writes, is "freedom in Cuba."

[T]he Bush administration has made grand gestures to that end while strategically blundering when it comes to actually advancing the cause of freedom and democracy in Cuba. This is particularly true of the administration's decision to restrict the ability of Cuban Americans to visit and send money to their relatives in Cuba. This is both a humanitarian and a strategic issue. That decision has not only had a profoundly negative impact on the welfare of the Cuban people. It has also made them more dependent on the Castro regime and isolated them from the transformative message carried there by Cuban Americans.

In the ''Cuban spring'' of the late 1990s and early years of this decade, dissidents and human-rights activists had more political space than at any time since the beginning of Castro's rule, and Cuban society experienced a small opening in advancing the cause of freedom for the Cuban people.
Great minds think alike. Webb agrees with Obama.

However, the anointed Democratic front-runner, Sen. Hillary Clinton, clashes with Obama; and by extension, opposes the current bipartisan bill in the Senate that Webb supports and would ban current and future presidents from restricting travel by American citizens and residents to Cuba except in the case of war.

In fact, the New York senator's campaign told reporters that "for the most part," she did not want to do anything to the "Bush administration's hard-line stance," as Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics noted.

Well...with Hillary professing the Iraqi surge to be a success and now this latest salvo, perhaps Dems like Howling Latina might want to cross her name off the list of potential presidential candidates. It seems little would change if the junior senator from New York were to be elected; just more of the same.

It certainly looks like Hillary is looking ahead to the general election and counting her chicks before they hatch. Fergawdsake, America cannot survive more of the same.

Blessedly, The Herald reports that Edwards agrees with Obama.
The other major Democratic candidate, John Edwards, said in a statement Tuesday that promoting travel by family members to Cuba ''can help spread the promise of freedom and democracy within Cuba and strengthen families across the waters.'' He favors the cap on remittances to use as leverage against the
Obama is coming to Miami on Aug. 25. And with a majority of the country, including Cuban-Americans supporting lifting the travel ban, wonder how many Dems will shell out $25 for the event???

Stay tuned...if Obama should win the Democratic presidential candidacy, Howling Latina can easily see Fightin' Jim Webb on the ticket as vice president. Obama campaigned hard for Webb in his Senate race against Goober Allen; and the chemistry was definitely there.

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