Friday, August 10, 2007

Another List

Studies have shown that sexual predators have a re-offend rate that is lethal; and thus even after serving time, the public's right to know if a pervert is among their mist lobbed a set of registry laws for sexual offenders throughout the land.

But now some dumb ass in Hawaii thinks that convicted murderers should also be on special list of their own.

This is total frigging bullshit.

Released murder inmates do not have a biological propensity to kill -- the underpinning argument for a sexual offender list. The convicted murders have paid their debt to society; and the criminal justice system monitors them for a period of time once released. To post their names in some type of registry is just plain mean-spiritedness and serves no purpose whatsoever.

Let them get on with their life; and hopefully they'll contribute to society in some form or fashion.

What's next a list of for petty thieves; tax cheaters; speeders; tokers; ad naseum...?


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