Sunday, July 15, 2007

Webb v. Graham - Part Deux

Howling Latina just finished watching the Graham smack down by Sen. Jim Webb on "Meet the Press."

That's right, after watching the show this morning, it was so good, she just had to to watch it again this evening to savor the well-deserved shellacking Graham took from Webb.

Suffice it to say that Webb cut right through the White House talking points with a slap in the face and a dose of reality that left Russert speechless and Graham gasping for air.

Like this is not a war but a "botched occupation." Our occupation in Iraq is the "greatest recruiting tool" for al-Qaeda. The "extremists" our soldiers are fighting in Iraq are mostly Saudis, not Iranians. Whether we leave Iraq tomorrow or in ten years, Iraq is going to remain an ungodly mess. Al-Qaeda forces are not in Iraq because they hate Iraqi's flimflam democracy. The folks kicking al-Qaeda's butt are the "redneck justice" brigade who don't like them -- not the Iraqi military. Iranians may be killing our soldiers, but so are the Saudis, our supposedly most loyal ally in the Middle East. "The worst nightmare of al-Qaeda [are] the Iraqis who’ve stood up to them" -- not the American surge. A majority of soldiers think we should not be in Iraq. Only 35 percent of the military supports President Bush's catastrophic success in Iraq.

Those are just a few of the highlights. Here's the link to the transcript; and here's a link to the show.

Enjoy the fireworks.

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