Monday, July 30, 2007

Strong Male Approval Rate for Webb

In the new SurveyUSA poll, Democratic Sen. Jim Webb has a favorable approval rate among men of 55 percent -- leading Republican Sen. John Warner by 2 points!

Webb also has a 68 percent approval rate with blacks and 60 percent with Latinos.

Democrats approve of Webb by a whopping 72 percent; and independents give him a more than respectable approval rate of 56 percent.

Hell, the junior senator even has a 33 percent approval rate among conservatives; and support is evenly divided throughout the state. Forty-nine percent in Shenandoah, 53 percent in the northeast, 55 percent in the southeast, boys and girls. a full 2 points ahead of Warner; and 49 percent in central.

Not tooo shabby, senator. Grrrrrrreat job!!!!

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