Monday, July 30, 2007

The Washington Post Rats Out Gonzales

Oh dear, Howling Latina just finished reading an article in the Washington Post that caught her eagle eyes.

In yet another story about Gonzo's problems with Congress, the Post casualty drops a bombshell.

It seems there is yet another discrepancy between the record and Gonzo's words as they relate to the president's DWI in Maine and his call-up for jury duty in Texas while governor.

The judge, prosecutor and defense attorney involved in case have said that Gonzales met with the judge and argued that jury service would pose a potential conflict of interest for Bush, who could be asked to pardon the defendant. Gonzales has disputed that account. He made no mention of meeting with the judge in a written statement submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Now read very carefully, boys and girls.

The Post is calling reader's attention to yet another lie by Abu Gonzo that has escaped scrutiny by media and Congress.

Previously, Gonzales claimed that he never interfered on Bush's behalf in Texas to make boy-junior's DWI disappear. But....the record now says otherwise.

So who and what are you going to believe, the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney or Abu Gonzo's lies?

Yes, a pattern seems to be emerging. Our poor beleaguered war president finds more excuses for getting out of his civic duties than names in the Rolodex for the DC madam.

Gonzo is obviously the magic clean-up man.

Military service? AWOL? No problem; the record is wiped clean..

Jury duty? Just substitute executive privilege for conflict of interest and obstruct justice, that's all.

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