Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tagged by Rennaisance Ruminations...

Tagged by Rennaisance Ruminations. So...there she goes (not me, the "howler.") Eight facts about her:

She constantly twirls her slowly dwindling locks of hair.

She was thrilled when Ingrid Murroy sent her a picture of Sen. Jim Webb and her together.

She has watched every Republican and Democratic presidential convention since 1964.

Raising Kaine and EvilGopBastards were the first bloggers to link to her blog.

She has the number #1 link under Baker Messner in google (yep, she knows, Bakker is misspelled), first page under Tammy Faye Baker on Larry King in Yahoo, second page under google for Tammy Faye Baker and so on. In other words, Howling Latina has seen more traffic in the last few days than EVER!

She likes to write poetry and loves to read spiritual books.

She is a passionate death penalty foe.

She has a 35-year old daughter who lives in Egypt and a 24-year old son who lives in Warrenton.
Now, whom to tag...? Okay, here it goes, let's hope the good folks have not already been tagged:

BAC of Yikes!

Mr. James Martin of The Virginia Progressive

Mr. Bruce Roemmelt of Getting Around

Evil Bobby

Alice Marshall of GOTV

Justin Fleenor of Virginia Left Wing

Terry Carter of The Colette

Thaddaeus Toad of West of Shockoe

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