Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Scottie Comes to Papa - Flip Flops on Fees

Looks like Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Flip-flopper) is breaking away from the GOP pack and trying to save his rubber stamp neck.

OH dear, what ever happened to his set-the-record straight in support of the Abusive Driver Bill of a mere 11 days ago in the Potomac News...?

Guess that didn't work out too well; he's probably still getting deluged with angry calls, email and letters from outraged constituents who WILL hold him and his party accountable for this disastrous piece of Republican legislation.

Today we learn from the Washington Post that Scottie is having second thoughts on the subject. In fact, he has now joined those who are calling for repeal. In a one-liner, the Post reports that Lingamfelter has "joined a growing list of legislators calling for repeal."

Hmmm, very interesting! Especially since Mr. Batwing Lingamfelter was one of the main sponsors along with Thomas Davis Rust (R), David Albo (R), Jeffrey M. Frederick (R), Daniel W. Marshall, III (R), Daniel A. Nutter (R) and G. Glenn Oder (R).

Talk about your classic flip-flopper. And let's not call the bill bipartisan. Ain't nothing bipartisan about a bill concoted by a band of GOPers who threatened Dems to forever hold up funds for transportation unless they went along. It was their way or no highways, er, the highway.

For the record, here's the list of members who supported the bill:

Watkins M. Abbitt, Jr. (I)
Kristen J. Amundson (D)
Ward L. Armstrong (D)
Clifford L. Athey, Jr. (R)
Mamye E. BaCote (D)
William K. Barlow (D)
Robert B. Bell (R)
Robert H. Brink (D)
David L. Bulova (D)
Vincent F. Callahan, Jr. (R)
C. Charles Caputo (D)
Charles W. Carrico, Sr. (R)
Benjamin L. Cline (R)
John A. Cosgrove (R)
M. Kirkland Cox (R)
Anne B. Crockett-Stark (R)
Rosalyn R. Dance (D)
Allen W. Dudley (R)
William H. Fralin, Jr. (R)
Thomas D. Gear (R)
C. Todd Gilbert (R)
H. Morgan Griffith (R)
Phillip A. Hamilton (R)
Frank D. Hargrove, Sr. (R)
Clarke N. Hogan (R)
Algie T. Howell, Jr. (D)
Timothy D. Hugo (R)
Robert Hurt (R)
Sal R. Iaquinto (R)
Riley E. Ingram (R)
William R. Janis (R)
Johnny S. Joannou (D)
Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. (D)
S. Chris Jones (R)
Terry G. Kilgore (R)
R. Steven Landes (R)
Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. (D)
Matthew J. Lohr (R)
Dave W. Marsden (D)
Robert G. Marshall (R)
Joe T. May (R)
A. Donald McEachin (D)
Michele B. McQuigg (R)
Jackson H. Miller (R)
Harvey B. Morgan (R)
Samuel A. Nixon, Jr. (R)
John M. O'Bannon, III (R)
Robert D. Orrock, Sr. (R)
Christopher K. Peace (R)
Clarence E. Phillips (D)
David E. Poisson (D)
Harry R. Purkey (R)
Lacey E. Putney (I)
John S. Reid (R)
Christopher B. Saxman (R)
Edward T. Scott (R)
James M. Scott (D)
Stephen C. Shannon (D)
Beverly J. Sherwood (R)
Mark D. Sickles (D)
Terrie L. Suit (R)
Robert Tata (R)
David J. Toscano (D)
Roslyn Tyler (D)
Shannon R. Valentine (D)
Katherine B. Waddell (I)
Leo C. Wardrup, Jr. (R)
R. Lee Ware, Jr. (R)
Vivian E. Watts (D)
John J. Welch, III (R)
Robert J. Wittman (R)
Thomas C. Wright, Jr. (R)

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