Monday, July 30, 2007

O'Reilly Ratings in the Tank

That's right, the O'Reilly Factor is in a steep ratings slump. Especially when Michelle Malkin guest hosts his show.

Last Friday on July 27, Malkin happily told her blog readers to tune in and watch her spin in the No-Spin-Zone.

On the menu of promised "meaty topics" were the Dems news conference calling into question Gonzales' veracity during the Senate testimony.

Well, maybe not.

But she did pledge to talk about immigration; and illegals; and the Michael Vick outrage that threatened the Union; all the juicy racist meat she could conjure up to serve. wasn't enough.

Bless her little heart, the batwinger lost nearly 100 points in the 25-54 demographic group from the night before. Perhaps next time she needs to enlarge her image to pinup size.

Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann of "Countdown" continues to close in on Papa O'Reilly. The prior evening, O'Reilly led Olbermann by less 100 points, 267 to 373.

Gone are the days when O'Reilly dominated Cableland. There's a new sheriff in town; and his name is Keith Olbermann.

Now why the gods of programming don't smarten-up and recruit a slate of progressives to knock Faux News from their perch remains one of the great mysteries of the world.

That is, next to the one that tries to explain why Malkin poses in a skimpy bikini on her Web site with absolutely no context. By the bye, the leaning on the wall is to give her body some curves and hide her small pooch.

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