Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Last 100 Days Kickoff"

Howling Latina just got back from the Fairfax Joint Campaign Headquarters in McLean with her good friend Tom Counts of Gainesville.

What excitement! Smelling victory in November, the Dems celebrated their “Last 100 Days Kickoff” with happy, happy thoughts for their future…
And Gov. Tim Kaine electrified the crowd of more than 200 activists to close the event.

The food was divine; and a special shout-out to T.G.I Friday's for donating food for the bash.

Leading the kickoff campaign and first legislator to the mike was Virginia Minority Leader Del. Brian Moran who expressed extreme confidence in victory with the slate of Democratic candidates running for office.

Using a football analogy (no surprise since Moran won a full football scholarship to the University of Massachusetts as a young man), he likened a winning football team with good preparation in the summer. And Dems are preparing to win BIG!

Don't believe the hype? Well, then look at the latest financial disclosure reports.

We’re ablaze with energy! And indeed, why not? With a bounty of riche$, the Dems are poised to be the first state in the south that ever lost a state legislation and then won it back.

Needing only four seats in the Senate, Northern Virginia alone is going to provide three. Especially, if we, the people, do the work to whip up the Dem frenzy and get out the vote as State Sen. Dick Saslaw told a cheering crowd.

The absolute best news of the afternoon for the howler was that the Democratic candidate for the 27th District covering the city of Winchester, parts of Fauquier (where HL lives) and Loudoun County as well as Frederick and Clarke are turning blue in November.

Karen Schultz is receiving wide support from moderate Republicans as well as Democrats and raised more $$$ than ANY Senate candidate in the whole state for the month of June. She now has a nice little nest egg of $183,177.52.

Not toooo shabby! And $84,014.49 more than the GOP candidate, trial lawyer Jill Holtzman-Vogel.

“I have the support of Republicans who want to see the moderate leadership of Senator Russ Potts continue,” Schultz announced in a press release earlier. “I have the support of independents who like my bi-partisan approach.”

Wow, is the maverick curmudgeon Russ Potts going to endorse Karen in the fall...?

Stay tuned.

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