Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm With Fred

Howling Latina, right here and now, declares her support for Fred Thompson as the Republican presidential candidate.

You see, Hollywood Fred is a prison rights advocate who thinks there are way too many federal crimes and the government needs to get out of the business of incarcerating our men and women. Leave bondage to the good states.

Groups as diverse as the American Bar Association and the Heritage Foundation have reported that there are more than three thousand, five hundred distinct federal crimes and more than 10,000 administrative regulations scattered over 50 section of the U.S. code that runs at more than 27,000 pages. More than 40 percent of these regulatory criminal laws have been enacted since 1973.


]T]here are plenty of areas in criminal law where a federal role is appropriate. More and more crime occurs across state and national boundaries; the Internet is increasingly a haven for illegal activity. A federal role is appropriate in these and other instances. But today the Federal Bureau of Prisons has quadrupled in size in little more than 20 years.

Well, anything to reduce the incareration rates in America.

Of course as Talk Left points out, what about the war on drugs and the children...? Maybe Fred would like to be an honorary member of NORML and receive action alerts from

In any event, before people go thinking that the howler consumed some psilocybin mushrooms along with magic-laced brownies and milk, don't worry; she is in full command of her senses.

It doesn't matter whom the Republicans pick; the Dem candidate will ultimately win.

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