Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fire Blowhard Chris Matthews of "Hardball"

Fire blowhard Chris Matthews of "Hardball" whose daily antics are growing increasingly stale and hire fresh-faced David Shuster.

Think Progress has a wonderful post about Shuster of MSNBC who filled in this week for vacationing Chris Matthews.

In a segment last night, Shuster "ripped" neoconservative Fouad Ajami for having the cheeky chutzpah to equate felon Scooter Libby to "fallen U.S. soldiers" in a Wall Street editorial last month.

You see, according to Ajami, both are martyrs in the perpetual and eternal war on terror.

Howling Latina watched Shuster and was quite impressed with the way he handled the lying talking points of Ajami and his ilk. She also was also very pleased with his guest panel that included Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post. It was the first time she had seen him on television.

And surprisingly, Froomkin looks exactly as the picture next to his byline. After all, let's face it, journalists have been known to post 20-year old pictures.

Robert Novak or David Broder, anyone...?

Well, we need to have more journalists like Shuster with their own show and see fewer images of wingnuts like Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter and Morning Joe.

Folks, write MSNBC and ask them to find a spot for Shuster on their nightly schedule so we can have more segments on Cableland with the Froomkins of the world.

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