Sunday, July 01, 2007

Breaking News from Texas

The blogosphere is all abuzz. Texas Rep. and Lt. Colonel Rick Noriega announced to a crowd of activists that he would "launch" a senatorial exploratory committeee to run against Sen. John Cornyn. Burnt Orange broke the happy news today.

Earlier, Mikal "Deep Pocket" Watts had told supporters that he, too, was throwing his hat into the ring and wrote a $3 million check to his campaign to let everyone know he was serious.

Imagine, two Democrats battling it to out to see who gets to whip Corndog Cornyn butt next November.

Oh happy, happy days;. The Austin Statesman glowingly headlined, "Noriega sees Cornyn as vulnerable, Texas in need of leadership."

Indeed, truer words were never spoken; although Howling Latina was afraid she wouldn't live to see the day when a scripted moronic Republican in Texas would finally lose to the better man/woman, a Democrat, of course.
Noriega, a fifth-term Democratic state representative from Houston, said he won't finalize plans until he and his wife, Melissa, settle their finances, partly by selling property in East Austin. But he has already committed to a year's leave from his job as a manager for CenterPoint Energy.
Jubilant Democrats throughout the state believe that not since former Gov. Ann Richards was in office has a Democrat excited the base with such wide statewide support. Maybe Texans are feeling a little guilty about the manner they treated Richards toward the end. Look what they got in return. Junior Run-a-mok.

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