Thursday, June 21, 2007

You're Fired...

It looks like Howling Latina is not the only Democratic activist who would like to give Sen. Jon "Corndog" Cornyn the heave-ho.

When Daily Kos asked readers who they would like see get booted out of office in '08, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky led the poll of 8,037 with 2,556 or 31 percent,. But this figure was cloesly followed by Corndog of Texas with 2,025 or 25 percent; the remaining candidates weren't even close.

Susan Collins (ME) 5% 455 votes
Norm Coleman (MN) 19% 1555 votes
John Sununu (NH) 3% 294 votes
Gordon Smith (OR) 2% 202 votes
Elizabeth Dole (NC) 11% 950 votes

"Corndog" has one of the worst approval rates for a senator at 42 percent with a 43 percent disapproval rate. So....the possibility of a Democratic Senate pickup in one of the reddest states of the Union in Texas is very doable, especially if State Rep. Rick Noriega decides to run.

Yep, nearly every naturalized citizen who votes in the race would likely support Noriega; and it would spell the beginning of the end of an era.

The good ol' boys network of political hackery that totally disregarded and discounted the will of a minority (and later a majority)--whether by conservative Democrats or as Republicans-- will finally end. And not a second too soon.

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