Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why Does Bush Needlessly Lie?

Asked about Pres. George Bush's watch that disappeared before a crowd in Albania, Canadian Press reports that White House Press Secretary Tony Snow scoffed at the idea someone from the cheering crowd stole the watch.

During a press confernce Snow reassured the press that Bush had safely placed the watch in his pocket in a feat equal to David Copperfield walking through the Great Wall in China.

In fact, skeptics like Howling Latina might ask how Snow could be so certain the watch had not been pinched.

Well, hush, hush, sweet howler, because the president told him so. And who are you going to believe the president and Snow or your own lying eyes?!?

I have never seen such a ludicrous story," Bush said Wednesday of the media's coverage. "Unbelievable."

Just to prove the point, Bush rolled up his sleeve to show photographers in the Oval Office that he was wearing the watch.

Later, spokesman Tony Snow confirmed, "That is, in fact, the watch he was wearing in Albania."

Of course, no two watches are alike. Never mind that viewers can clearly see Bush looking at the ground for several seconds and then poof, the watch is gone.

They lie about the little things; they lie about the big things; they lie, lie, lie because they can.

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